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Product name : PDC cutters
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PDC cutters (Polycrystalline Diamond Composite) is consist of polycrystalline diamond layer sintered with tungsten carbide substrate under ultra-high temperature and pressure, the PDC cutter like 0804,1308,1313,1613,1916 etc, PDC cutters are widely used in petroleum/oil field PDC bit, eological PDC exploration bits, gas exploration bits, CD/PDC coal mining drill bits, ilfield drilling bits.

A high-value, mid-range performance, general purpose PDC cutter with high impact resistance. ZY cutter is used in a wide variety of applications, including:
-Oil and gas PDC bits as face, gauge, and backup cutters
-PDC bits for geothermal drilling
-PDC bits for water well drilling
-Reaming tools
-Core bits
-Bearing elements

Usually we can choose the suitable pdc cutters for you,according to the conditon,that the formations is hard,tough,medium hard formations etc.

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