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Product name : TSP
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Different TSP products  with different performances of wear-resistance, toughness, self-sharpening & high-temperature resistance can be used in gem-processing, wire drawing dies, coated cutters, gage protection which is applied on the drill bits for oilfields.   
Quality Control:
1. Strict raw material selection to guarantee impurity below 20ppm; the binder's purity over 99.5%.          
2. Advanced blending techniques to ensure thorough & even blending of diamond with binder.  
3. Scientific formula & synthesis procedures. We can also adjust formula & procedures as per customers' requirements for the most suitable products.          
4. Strict control of other auxiliary materials to guarantee precise dimensions & best quality.
100PCS,200Pcs,300Pcs,500Pcs,1000Pcs a small plastic bag,5bags,10bags,20bags in a big pastic bag,enwrapped by plastic film,in a paper box.
Nonstandard products-i.e. those not conforming to any listed specification,may be supplied on request.but we need you supply the drawing.

Discs(D*Hmm): 2.0*4.0/6.3*3.3/10.0*5.0
with radius of round(L*H*W*Rmm):10*3*3*R1.5/10*10*3*R1.5/10*5*5*R2.5
with radius of round(D*H*RA):4*6*RA


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