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Products > PDC drilling bits and TSP > Thermal stability polycrystalline > Thermal Stable Polycrystalline Diamond for drilling bits
Product name : Thermal Stable Polycrystalline Diamond for drilling bits
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1.Our TSP is mainly divided into three usegae.
for polishing the natural diamond,gemstone
for making into diamond dressing tools to dress the abrasive tools
for setting oil gas drill bits and mining bit for gage protection

2.TSP introduction:
1),TSP is a thermally stable polycrystaline diamond product,which is manufactured by the ultra-high pressure high temperature techniques.

2).Its binder is chemically insert and has a similar coefficient of thermal expansion to that of diamond.It is thermally stable up to 1200 degree Celsius.

3).TSP Series product has better thermally stability higher impact resistance and better wear resistance,with the abrasion ratio reaches 40,000-100,000.

4).It can be used in geological drilling,petroleum exploitation and small gauge polycrystaline.The cost of it is much lower than matural diamond and the abrasion resistance is higher.

5).TSP series product can be various shapes as triangle,square,rectangle,etc,and its variety can meet the demands of geology and drilling tools.

6).We can also offer other products of other shapes and sizes according your requirement.

7).Welcome to contact us for more information.

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