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PCD/SCD Tooling Technology Comparison for machining aluminium part

Author : Date : 2013-12-25 14:08:33

Here are some key points regarding machining of an aluminium part using Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD), and Single Crystal Diamond (SCD).

·         A PCD turning tool could achieve a surface finish of between 1.30µm to 0.38µm.

·         A SCD turning tool could achieve a surface finish of better than 0.1µm. 

·         With the PCD tool the part would require polishing to achieve a bright finish.

·         With the SCD tool the part would have a mirror finish without the need for polishing.



·         PCD tool could rough cut the part.

·         SCD tool is only suitable for finishing cuts less than 0.5mm. 

·         PCD grooving tool would require the part to be de-burred after machining.

·         SCD grooving tool would require no de-burring of the part. 

·         PCD tool is relatively cheaper to purchase than a SCD tool.  

·         SCD tool is 4 times the price of PCD but can reduce operating costs by removing de-burring or polishing processes. 

Therefore each different diamond material has its place in machining materials

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