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Single Crystal diamond tools Concise Description : Advantages,Applications,Price etc

Author : Date : 2014-1-2 16:38:35

The advantages of single crystal diamond used for ultra-precision machining

1.        Because high hardness and wear resistance, when ultra-precision machining, it can avoid the nose wear influencing the workpiece size.

2.        Because good thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion coefficient, no appearing a lot of hot deformation, thus better for precision machining.

3.        Because very small blade surface and sharp edge, Ra is up to 0.01~0.006μm, so it very fit for cutting thin layer.

4.        Because low friction coefficient, the sliver white chip shouldn’t be appeared when cutting, so the quality of processing surface is very high.. Especially for processing non-ferrous metals, the roughness up to Ra0.04~0.012μm, the machining precision can reach up more than IT5.

Applications area:widely used in machining gold jewelry, micro mechanical parts, computer disk substrate, VCD, computer hard drives, chip drum, navigation, laser gyro mirror, all kinds of astronomical telescope, microscope and optical instruments etc.

Depth of Cut:  if the effect is not enough obvious when large cutting depth of processing, because it largely depends on workpiece material, depth of cutting and feed rate. If depth of cut is more than 0.02mm, don’t use the kind tools to process; it will be better that adopt the pcd tools to rough machining firstly, then using the SCD (natural diamond tools) to super precision.


Price: SCD (ND) tool performance than other advanced cutting tool, using the material to process can be obtained enormous economic benefits, but the price is very expensive, such as its price is 4 times more than pcd cutting tool, although the kind tools price is very high ,properly using the tool, it can reduce the machining process cost and greatly increased the production efficiency.



Loading and unloading: By far now Diamond is the most hard material, because extremely fragile, the sensitive thermal shock and the sharp blade, any impact (such as loading and unloading is not careful or fall to ground ) can make the blade appearing gap, crack or damage, so the operator should be training. In order to avoid blade slightly damaged, in commonly should be placed a thin film between diamond cutting tools and other components.


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